Our company has long specialized in increasing employee productivity, engagement and loyalty by improving satisfaction of employees at work and in their personal lives. Simply put, we believe that happier employees lead to happier customers and a happier company. We align our services accordingly.

Employee training

We offer both online and offline training to support employees in managing their work tasks, personal challenges and personal development. We have standardized training packages on stress management, change management, communication, happiness and job satisfaction, increasing resilience, managing anxiety, anger management, meditation techniques and working with your own authenticity. But we also prepare training tailored to your exact requirements. We also have a suite of parenting training courses for companies with a high proportion of parent employees.

Well-being care and prevention of psychosocial risks

We have a long-standing commitment to the prevention of psychosocial risks, effective stress management and the strengthening of mental and physical health (including the immune system) through improved self-awareness and self-care for employees. In the area of psychosocial risks prevention, we also work closely with the National Institute of Public Health and develop recommendations for some public institutions. In this area, we offer training for employees across the company as well as individual care for specific key employees in the form of systematic counselling and psychotherapy.

Support in difficult situations

Is your company or any part of it facing important changes? Is your company or one of its key employees facing a crisis situation? We offer your employees training to prepare them to cope with and to manage changes, including handling crisis situations. Likewise, we can offer your key managers and people systematic individual support during difficult situations in their professional or personal lives.

Improving communication skills

Communication is the foundation of all relationships – in the workplace, with customers, and at home. But sometimes it’s unconsciously influenced by not always realized wounds from one’s own past. Since the meaning of the communicated information is given by recieving party, unnecessary assumptions, arguments and antipathies can often arise. Our communication training will help you learn to see the world more through the eyes of others. Likewise, we offer one-on-one systematic help to those who often struggle with misunderstandings and hurts in communication.

Increasing psychological resilience

Some people have difficulty coping with work pressure or any kind of pressure as a result of, for example, their childhood trauma or previous work experience. They often suffer from anxiety, paralysis or ‘procrastination’ if you like. However, through self-experiential exercises, better self-awareness and acquiring new skills, each person can find mechanisms to help them increase their psychological resilience. And this is exactly what is the focus of our training and individual programs aimed at increasing psychological resilience.

Happiness management

Do you want to systematically address employee satisfaction in your company? To set up all processes in line with best practices in psychological safety, prevention of psychosocial risks, etc.? We would be happy to help you with this.