Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company has long been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility to help people increase their satisfaction and happiness in their personal and professional lives. Therefore, we actively support the following projects within our CSR programme that are fully in line with this:

Helping Ukraine

In 2022, our company focused on comprehensive assistance to victims of the war in Ukraine. We help people who have fled to the Czech Republic and those who remain in Ukraine. In cooperation with Ukrainian psychotherapists and psychiatrists we have already created a range of materials .

With psychiatrists from the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, we have created materials for Ukrainian doctors, civilians in shelters and soldiers to support their resilience and stress management as part of the Mental Health 4 Ukraine project.

For the Helping Ukraine through Sport project, we developed comprehensive instructional material for coaches and representatives of sports clubs on how to approach Ukrainian children.

For refugees arriving in the Czech Republic we prepared a comprehensive leaflet for quick psychological self-help and help for children, which we distributed among volunteers and Czech psychotherapists.

For Czech employers we prepared a free webinar on the specifics of employing refugees from the perspective of their psyche.

At the same time, we prepared a free webinar for Czech citizens on the fear of war and a lecture for employers on how to overcome the fear of war, which has already been attended by hundreds of employees.

Day for school

Since 2021, as part of the Day for School project, we regularly give lectures in Czech schools on topics related to mental health, stress, resilience and self-care. During our cooperation with the project, we have already given lectures at primary and secondary schools as well as at universities in Prague, Ústí nad Labem and Moravian-Silesian Region.

13 Sins of Parenting

Since 2020, the 13 Sins of Parenting project has been helping parents and children, both young and old, to live and parent more freely and happily. It also helps parents better balance their work and parenting responsibilities and gives them the scientifically proven tools they need for their parenting. In addition, the project also focuses on helping people who carry various traumas from their childhood to be able to better identify and process these traumatic experiences in an appropriate way.

Blog Je čas na změ

Since 2015, the blog Je čas na změ has been helping people on their way to a happier and more satisfied life. It seeks to support them in making important life steps and changes by providing science-based and evidence-based information written in motivating articles.

The blog includes a #SexQnAs subproject promoting sex education of adults, as well as an article supporting suicide prevention, Why Not Commit Suicide.

How to Survive Cancer

The How to Survive Cancer project aims to become a guide for all cancer patients, standing by their side in all stages of cancer from the initial suspicion to all alternatives of its course and outcome. The project, which was launched in 2018 and temporarily halted thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, wants to provide cancer patients with psychological and understandable truthful information support during all stages of the disease and treatment in the future. The project has already produced a free publication, Cancer form perspective of Body and Soul, which is primarily aimed at doctors, psychotherapists and cancer caregivers.