Our company has been fully focused on working with people since 2016. We actively work to increase resilience, prevent stress and psychosocial risks in employees and top managers. In this area, we have long cooperated with the National Institute of Public Health and the Occupational Safety Research Institute of the Czech Republic.

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“Workshop on stress relief has provided me and my team with numerous valuable information about how our brain works and how we sometimes contribute to our stress. I appreciated that there were number of practical exercises, relaxation techniques training and interesting tips on how to cope with stress as part of the workshop. Me and my team were also pleased by Martin’s, who has led the workshop, pleasant and interesting discourse.”

David Duroň
O2 TV Director, O2 Czech Republic

“Martin Zikmund (Nitana s.r.o.) cooperated with the Center of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Medicine of the National Institute of Public Health to provide a specialized workshop on the project of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic “Psychosocial Risks in the Healthcare and Social Services” (project number 10714). According to the participants, the workshop contributed to raising their professional level (relaxation techniques, self-knowledge techniques, practical exercises).”

Kateřina Janošová
Center for Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Medicine, The National Institute of Public Health

“I have attended many sales skills trainings, but this one was really different. Workshop on interpersonal communication attracted us with its content and numerous interesting facts about how the communication actually works inside our brains. Martin gave us a completely different perspective on communication and provided me and my colleagues with a space for reflection of some of our stereotypes as well as operational blindness we sometimes struggle with. Thanks to a wide range of practical examples and rich interactive part we had the opportunity to try and realize many of these things on our own. Martin engages you in action and you start to see the practical examples every day.”

Vojta Vavřina
Dealer principal, Harley Davidson Praha

“I appraise the workshop ‘How to Deal with Changes’ as interactive and inspirational. I warmly recommend it – suitable for kick off of changes in the company or as a start-up workshop with subsequent more detailed and narrower focus on specific situation in the company.”

Radek Doubek
Managing Director and CFO for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, Alcatel-Lucent Czech (now Nokia)

“Martin Zikmund has prepared a few hour workshop for Elite Bloggers that has exceeded our expectations. I also had one private session with Martin, that was very pleasant and benefical to me. On top of that Martin has extremely well managed to keep attention even of a bigger group and to actively work with almost all of the workshop participants. During his presentation he comprehensibly explained to our bloggers, how the human brain works and why we react to certain life situations the way we react. Workshop left us with many stimuli that we keep thinking about in our everyday lives. It’s not only those few hours that you spend at the workshop, it’s much more that Martin will ignite inside you.”

Tereza Salte
General Manager, Elite Bloggers