Are your employees struggling with the impact of stress and economic and political instability?

Concerned about Mental Health?

We are specialists in stress and resilience,
we deal directly with the fear of war, helping your people manage anxiety and disturbed sleep.

We helped


employees and managers

from 30+


in 20+


Our Values

  • Absolute confidentiality to employees and companies
    Our work is based on trust. Without it we wouldn’t be able to achieve any results. Therefore, we honor the trust given to us both by companies and individual employees. We ask for only that information we really need to know and we keep them confidential forever.
  • We help those who want to be helped
    We’ll do our best to eliminate all obstacles preventing your company and employees from performing important changes. We’ll do our best so that you and your employees get the maximum possible chance to succeed during changes. The rest is on you.
  • We believe in uniqueness
    We believe in uniqueness of companies, people, products and approaches. We believe in diversity and we want to support it, not destroy it. We don’t believe in ‚pigeonholing‘.

What we build on

  • Science – we believe in science, in scientifically proven and tested principles, whether in the field of strategic management, HR management or psychology.
  • Mindfulness – we believe that conscious concentration on the ‘here and now’, as well as other eastern approaches, have great impacts on increasing employee satisfaction and personal happiness.
  • Practice – every theory gains its real value only through implementation in practice. We know this because in the 14 years of our company’s existence we have spoken with the top management or owners of more than 300 Czech companies and organizations of various sizes and industries. We have talked to them about the problems they have solved during managing the company, sales, marketing, production, IT or human resources. They talked about how and why they decided to solve these problems, how these changes took place, and how they finally succeeded on their change journey.
  • Individual approach – every company and every person is unique. While one-size-fits-all approaches do exist, there is always a part that ultimately creates a unique and competitive advantage for a given company. The saying goes, ‘You can’t see the forest for the trees,’ but it would be a big mistake not to see the beauty of the individual tree for the forest.


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Ing. et Ing. Martin Zikmund
jednatel společnosti
+420 602 630 155


Nitana s.r.o.
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